What food items should you keep in your Sargi Thali for KarvaChauth?

What food items should you keep in your Sargi Thali for KarvaChauth?

Karvachauth is one of the major festivals for the Indians which are celebrated by married Indian women. As per the Hindu calendar, the festival comes in the month of Kartik. During Karvachauth, the women keep fast from morning to evening. It is believed that the fast is kept by women for the safety of husbands and longevity of the husband’s life. Karvachauth is a nirjalavrat where women can’t have food and water till the time they see the moon. After seeing the moon, women open their fast with water and sweets followed by delicious food items.

Importance of Sargi
The Karvachauth fast begins with a Sargi and the fast is considered to be incomplete without Sargi. Sargi is a pre-dawn meal which is prepared by the mother-in-law as a blessing on this special occasion.
Usually, a Sargi includes a Thali that contains sweets, matthri, dry fruits, coconut, and some gifts such as new clothes and jewellery. As per tradition, the Sargi is consumed in the morning before the sunrise. Women usually wake up at 4-5 AM and eat Sargi which helps them sustain the fast whole day without eating anything.

Food items to eat during Karvachauth:

1. Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and Nuts

Fruits and Nuts are a must have during fast. They are a rich source of nutrients which is necessary to keep you supplied with the energy required whole day when you are away from the food and water.

2. Milk items


karvachoth morning food
Yet another item to consume in Sargi is milk items. It helps in keeping you fuller for longer. You can consume milk items such as paneer and curd. They are a rich source of protein and ideal for you to pass the entire day without feeling hunger pangs. If you don’t feel like consuming these items, drinking a glass of milk is also a good idea.

3. Sweets


It is important to consume sugar during  Sargi as it keeps the energy levels up for a longer duration of time. However, you must not overdo and consume only sweet food items as it is said that sugar intake in your morning meals can increase your hunger pangs. Thus, consume items with limited sugar such as Pheni which is made of milk and semolina.

4. Cooked food


You can also have cooked food items in your Sargi such as Mathris, a light roti or two, a simple bhaji, and Halwa. Traditionally, these cooked items should be included in the Sargi Thali. They help in keeping you full and won’t be too heavy to cause digestion issues.

Important points to remember
– It is advisable to add some healthy foods to the Sargi as it will help in keeping you full and energized for the whole day.
– One should avoid using too much oil to the food for Sargi as it will make you feel lazy throughout the day.
– Try to stay as hydrated as possible by adding healthy fluids to the Sargi such as juices, buttermilk, coconut water, green tea, and shakes.
– Avoid drinking beverages such as Tea or Coffee in the morning as it will dehydrate your body.
– To avoid thinking about food for the whole day, invite friends at your home so that you can keep yourself distracted.

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