Mistakes parents make while feeding their kids

The biggest mistakes parents make while feeding their kids

Ask a child what he or she wants to eat and you will be given a list of fried food! From Maggi to burgers, to nuggets and pizza, they’ll want it all and more. But when it comes to eating their greens and finishing their vegetables? Yuck! No! It’s disgusting! And when it comes to dealing with those picky eaters, that’s when feeding your child becomes a real task! So, in order to make mealtime smooth and healthy, here are some common mistakes you must avoid!  

  1. Don’t force your child to wipe his or her plate clean

There are times when you as an adult are less hungry than usual, so its but normal when that happens to your child too. Don’t force your child to eat everything off their plate. This doesn’t mean you should encourage your child to waste foo, but always serve them small portions of everything! So when they ask for seconds, instruct them to eat what’s on their plate before putting more food. That way, your child will eat a well-balanced meal.

  1. Don’t bribe your child to eat certain things

Don’t offer sweet rewards or tempt them by offering to make their favorite fried dish if they eat their vegetables. This will make them unconsciously dislike that vegetable in the future. Instead, come up with an interesting way to make your child eat his or her greens! Make cheesy vegetable bakes, add vegetables on a pizza or mince up vegetables in burger patties. It’s all about how smartly you can make them eat their greens – without them realizing they’re eating it!


  1. Don’t keep giving your child snacks

Yes, you might be a very concerned mother and you don’t want your child to go hungry, but a balance is important. If you keep giving your child snacks all day long, when it comes to actual meal time, your child will be too full. The less hungry they will be, the less inclined they will be to try anything new at the dinner table. Make a snack schedule and stick to it!

  1. Don’t always cook your child’s favorite food

If your child loves sandwiches and you whip them up for every meal, odds are your child isn’t going to progress with his or her eating habits. Make two or three dishes, out of which your child likes one. That way, they will be forced to try new stuff. If your child throws tantrums about not eating, let them not eat for a while and soon he or she will come to you asking for some food. Serve up the same thing as you did on the dining table, and watch your child gobble it up!

We hope these little suggestions will make mealtime a lot easier for you. And don’t you worry, most children are fussy eaters but once they grow up they’ll start eating everything! Just remember to experiment with food, and make them try as many new things as possible!

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