Sonam Kapoor's Weight Loss Journey

Revealing Sonam Kapoor’s Weight Loss Secrets

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No matter where Sonam Kapoor makes her presence, she never fails to amaze everyone with her great fashion statement. But, what straight away took everybody back when she made her entry to Bollywood was her remarkable weight loss. She looks stunning today, but she never looked the same when she made her way to the glam world. She at that time weighed 86 kgs! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

So, here is how Sonam Kapoor turned herself from fat to fit:

Sonam Kapoor picked up a lot of weight while studying in Singapore for two years. And as she never ever had an idea of becoming a part of the film industry, she hardly paid attention to her growing weight. But it was the offer for the lead role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film, Saawariya that changed her way of thinking. Even though she had begun losing weight before this offer but once she got the film, she followed a strict diet plan and workout regime that ended up losing 35 kilos.

A Glance into Sonam Kapoor’s Workout Regime

Sonam does rigorous workout session and also tries different workouts each day just to keep her motivation high to burn more calories.

Here is her exercise routine:

  • She does 30 minutes of cardio daily.
  • Performs Dance exercises twice in a week.
  • Practices power yoga on other days.
  • Does swimming when she gets time.
  • Plays squash.

Sonam Kapoor’s Diet Plan

Looking at her perfect figure, everybody assumes that she might be keeping herself starved or hungry. But Sonam is a self-confessed foodie who doesn’t accept dieting. In fact, she prefers to have everything but in moderation, even ‘chocolates’. Furthermore, she drinks plenty of fluids all through the day to keep herself hydrated and energized. If we talk about salt and sugar, she plays safe by having them in moderate amount. She goes for natural sugar and seasoning to add flavor to her food.

Here is what she eats:

Early Morning: She drinks 1 glass of warm water with lime juice and honey.

Breakfast: She takes oatmeal and fruits.

Post workout snack: She prefers brown bread with egg whites or protein shake with juice.

Lunch: She takes pulses, vegetables, one ragi chapati, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

Evening snack: She eats multigrain crackers with chicken cold cuts or egg whites.

Dinner: She consumes soup, salad and a piece of chicken or fish.

Sonam Kapoor followed this diet plan for around a year and got dramatic results. Besides this, she always carries an apple, or sandwich, or health bars to please her hunger without depending upon surplus calories at the time of traveling.

So, by now you might have known that Sonam Kapoor follows a nutritionally balanced diet along with physical workout. You can tailor this diet depending on your routine, body type, height, weight, medical history, etc.

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