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How to Prepare the Perfect Lunch Bowl

Packing nourishing lunches throughout the week for work is essential. Lunch is that time of the day that helps us refocus and replenish ourselves during a hectic day. If you fall among the people who prefer to eat lunch out every other day, just because you fall short of time to pack your lunch, rethink about it once. It is merely a matter of 30 minutes or an hour to the max on the weekend to make your lunch bowls ready using the effortless method for continuous healthy lunch-bowl combos. You, as a result will end up eating healthy and at the same time save some cash as well.

Make your Ingredients Ready

Before bringing together your bowls for the whole week, prefer cooking up batches of protein, grains and veggies. You can also bring in use the leftovers you have collected from dinner. For pick and eat bowls, you will require bowls with airtight lids or containers.

Give the Whole-Grain Base

Begin with 1/2 cup of cooked whole grains per serving for a fulfilling fiber strike. You can prefer to have:
✓ Brown rice
✓ Quinoa
✓ Barley
✓ Bulgur
✓ Farro

Include Your Veggies

Ensure to include 1 cup of vegetables or 2 cups of leafy greens in every lunch bowl. You can keep them raw or cook, grill or roast your vegetables as per your preferences. You can include:
✓ Dark leafy greens (like kale and spinach)
✓ Avocado
✓ Cauliflower
✓ Onion
✓ Cucumber
✓ Asparagus
✓ Sweet potatoes
✓ Cherry tomatoes
✓ Eggplant
✓ Zucchini
✓ Cucumber
✓ Beets
✓ Carrots

✓ Shredded cabbage
✓ Broccoli
✓ Squash

Do not Miss Your Protein Source

Fill each of your lunch bowl with 3-4 ounces of lean, cooked protein. You can include:
✓ Tofu
✓ Beans
✓ Beef
✓ Chicken
✓ Shrimp
✓ Pork

Sauce It Off

It is the sauce only that actually sets a flavorful lunch bowl. You can add 2 to 4 tablespoons of sauce per bowl. However, for packable lunches, you can store your sauce or dressing in a separate container, then sprinkle and flip when you wish to eat. You can include:
✓ Hot sauce
✓ Salsa
✓ Vinaigrette
✓ Romesco
✓ Pesto
✓ Miso
✓ Hummus
✓ Sriracha

Tango It Up with a Garnish

Not only the concluding toppings give savor and touch, they also ensure that your lunch bowl is worth clicking photos. Sprinkle these for a great taste.
✓ Chopped fresh herbs
✓ Sesame seeds
✓ Shredded or crumbled cheese
✓ Lime wedges
✓ Olives

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