How Onions help to Keep Doctors at Bay

How Onions help to Keep Doctors at Bay

It’s time to shed some happy tears as onions certainly are worthy to earn a spot on your cutting board this summer. Be it yellow, white, red/purple and green, all the varieties of onions provide some appealing health benefits.

Here we bring you some best reasons to relish onions even more:



Rich in Antioxidants

Onions might not overflow with vitamins and minerals. One medium onion holds nearly 44 calories, supplies 20% of your everyday need of vitamin C, and somewhere between 5 and 10% of the DV for B6, potassium, folate and manganese. But onions are considered to be packed with antioxidants. These provide plenty of antioxidants, counting on quercetin, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. The external layers of an onion are loaded with the supreme antioxidant punch.

Protect against Cancer

A study was printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, where the researchers found how frequently people living in Italy and Switzerland consumed onions and another Allium vegetable, garlic. Eventually, they found that amongst the populations considered, there was a reverse connection between the frequency of bringing in use these veggies and the peril of quite a few common cancers, which pointed to the fact that the more onions and garlic people consumed, the lower cancer rate they had.

Improve Bone Density

Another study was carried out where it was found that at perimenopausal and postmenopausal, Caucasian women of age 50 and older established a connection between the use of onion and bone health. Women who consumed onions had better bone density and reduced risk of hip fracture in
contrast to those who never had onions.

Onions support Healthy Digestion

This benefit points to the fact that as the onions are great sources of inulin, a category of fiber that acts as a prebiotic. In other words, prebiotics serves up as food for the probiotics and help the useful microbes prosper. Inulin is also helpful in the regulation of blood sugar, prevention of constipation, improving nutrient absorption, and sustaining healthy bone density. It also helps in weight loss by cutting the appetite.

Help Lower Cholesterol

A study was carried out at overweight or obese women who suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome. In this trial, the patients were recommended either a high onion diet or a low onion diet. After 8 weeks, there was decrease in the cholesterol levels of both the groups, but the drop was better among the group who was asked to go on a high onion diet as intake of onions lowered the production of LDL. Thus, onions help to keep your heart healthy.

Make Tomatoes Better for you

Food synergy is the notion that involves the benefits of consuming two definite foods jointly and outweighs the benefits of eating each of these foods individually. Similar is the case with onions and tomatoes. Scientists think that the sulfur compounds present in onions boost up the absorption of lycopene, an antioxidant present in tomatoes that helps protect against cancer and heart disease along with bone, brain and eye health. So, tomatoes and onions together make a scrumptious combination of salads, omelets, soups and sautés.

Helps in Anti-Aging

The antioxidant nature of onions helps improve the internal production of antioxidants in your body. Ageing occurs due to the increased absorption of harmful elements by our skin and also due to the effects of free radicals. Onions are known for their detoxifying and antioxidant properties and thus help decelerate the ageing process.

Relieve Cough and Cold Symptoms

While suffering from a cough or flu, you generally brew teas to find some relief. However, if you add some onion in hot water while preparing tea, it brings you comfort. Also, onion juice when added to honey also helps to diminish any swelling in your throat.

Thus, onions are considered to be a superfood. If you come to know what onions are capable of, you surely will end up falling in love with this vegetable. Because of the benefits, onions are often considered to be the world’s healthiest foods, that are loaded with essential nutrients.

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