Delicious and Easy Recipes for People Who Are Fasting During Navratras

Delicious and Easy Recipes for People Who Are Fasting During Navratras

Navratri, one of the biggest festivals of Hindus, has begun. It is the time when devotees worship 9 forms of Goddess Durga and observe fast for 9 days. There is religious as well as scientific significance behind fasting. It detoxifies and cleanses your system. It is recommended to consume only satvik food during fasting as keeps the mind and soul clean.
Looking from the scientific aspect, when there is a major season change, our bodies become vulnerable to diseases. A good diet is required for improving our immune system. Consuming satvik during season change is extremely healthy. Consuming satvik while fasting makes you feel energetic and offers strength, intelligence, and courage.

Here is a list of recipes that can be made from satvik ingredients. These dishes are not only satvik but also delicious. Here’s a look:

Kuttu Ki Puri

1. Take Kuttu flour in a bowl and add some boiled and mashed potatoes in it.
2. Add salt and a pinch of chilli if you want; it’s optional.
3. Now, knead the dough and make small balls out of it.
4. Roll them into puris and fry till golden brown.
5. You can serve the puris with curd.

Kaddu/ Pumpkin Raita

1. Grate fresh pumpkin and boil till it gets soft.
2. Let it cool for half an hour.
3. Now mix the beaten curd and grated pumpkin.
4. Temper it with cumin seeds and serve chilled.

Sabudana Khichdi

1. Soak Sabudana overnight and wash under running water to get rid of the excess starch.
2. Take a pan and add some ghee in it.
3. Put some green chillies and cumin seeds along with small potato pieces.
4. When the potatoes get golden brown, add peanuts, coriander powder, and red chilli powder and mix well.
5. Now, add Sabudana and mix it well with the spices.

6. Add rock salt and garnish with coriander leaves.

Khuskhus Aloo

1. The KhusKhusAloo is also known as AlooPosto in Bengal.
2. Grind some Khuskhus i.e. poppy seeds with water.
3. Take some ghee and boiled potatoes in a pan and roast them till they turn golden.
4. Now, add the poppy seeds mixture, spices, and rock salt and serve hot.

Raw Banana Tikki

1. Boil raw bananas and mash them in a bowl.
2. Add some rock salt, chilli powder, and chaat masala.
3. Make small tikkis out of it and fry till they turn golden brown.
4. For a healthier option, you can also bake the tikkis.

Lauki/ Bottle Guard Halwa

1. Grate some Lauki and boil it until it softens.
2. Take a pan and heat some ghee.
3. Add the grated lauki and stir till it gets completely cooked.
4. Add few tablespoons of milk and sugar and stir till the consistency gets thicker.
5. Garnish with nuts and cardamom.

Sabudana Kheer

1. Soak sabudana overnight.
2. Take some milk in a pan and add the sabudana.
3. Let the sabudana cook till the milk becomes thick, and sabudana turns transparent.
4. It will take 30 to 40 minutes for the Kheer to cook.
5. Add sugar, cardamom powder and nuts.

Fruit Chaat

If you are looking for a lighter option with low calories, then you can have a bowl of fresh mixed fruits.
1. Just cut the seasonal fruits in small pieces.
2. Add some chaat masala to it for added flavour. Eat it
3. It will keep you light and energetic.

These healthy and easy recipes will satiate your taste buds and keep you energetic during fasts.
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