Decode the Secret to stay fit while you Eat Sweets this Diwali

Decode the Secret to stay fit while you Eat Sweets this Diwali

It is the time for Diwali, and you must be looking forward to celebrating it will great zeal and enthusiasm. But, at the same time, you might also be worried about piling up weight or inches on your waist due to all the binge eating that comes with celebration. Having few sweets here and there in moderation is alright but having more than that will put the entire workout that you had been doing since months in vain. So what can be done to enjoy the festival without worrying about the calories? The answer is making smart choices.
Here’s a look:

1. Keep a check on your Calorie Intake

You will have to make a smart choice when attending or hosting a party. If you really wish to have a piece of sweet or two, let go of the samosa, or cutlet to maintain the calorie intake. If you consume more calories than you burn, it becomes difficult to shed the weight that you gained during the festive season.

2. Make less use of Oil

You may have a long list of delicacies that you wish to prepare while hosting the guests for Diwali dinner. You must ensure that you use a lesser quantity of oil as it will favour not only your health but your guest’s as well. Try to roast or bake the items that you traditionally fry as it will be a great way of reducing calories.

3. Make Low Fat and Low-Sugar Sweets

If you are fascinated by all those attractive sweets at the store, drop that idea and avoid buying sweets from shops. Most of them are not just full of calories but are also adulterated and unhealthy. It is best to prepare a sweet or two at home which is an assurance of quality and hygiene.
Try to substitute the sugar with healthier items such as jaggery or honey. You can also use sugar-free powder or stevia leaves for sweetening. You can also replace the milk with skimmed or cow milk. If you want a healthier option go for soy or nut milk. They are healthier as well as ideal for lactose intolerant people.

4. Stay Hydrated

While staying hydrated is not just confined to the festive season, it will especially help in festive time to keep you full and prevent from binge eating. Whenever you host a party or attend a party, try to drink a glass or two of water so that the stomach feels partially full and you don’t over-eat the calories. You should also try to talk more and socialise with people which will drift your focus from the spread of tempting food.

5. Consume more Fiber

If you have a party at night, have a bowl of salad in the evening. It will not only keep your stomach satiated, but the fiber will help in cutting down the calorie intake during the party.

6. Breaking the Stereotypes

Sweets and fried snacks are essentials of a Diwali celebration, but you can bring about a change by offering your guests healthier options such as fruits and nuts. This will help you and your guests in avoiding unnecessary calories.

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