Cooking Diabetic Meals like a Pro

Cooking Diabetic Friendly Meals like a Pro

Diabetes, like any other lifestyle disease, requires care when it comes to food. To be able to cook for a diabetic, you need to understand the disease. The crux if it is simple – diabetic friendly food is food which can control blood sugar levels as well as food which doesn’t cause a sudden spike in the insulin levels. When it comes to diabetes, it isn’t just about what you’re eating. How much you’re eating and how often you’re eating is also very important!

Cooking a diabetic friendly meal is no different from cooking any regular meal, the only difference is less oil and absolutely no sugar! So it’s time to bring out the ancestral recipes and brush the dust off the cookbooks because cooking for a diabetic just became a whole lot easier. We’ll give you the tips and tricks to cooking diabetic friendly meals by swapping certain ingredients and substituting some others!


  • If a recipe calls for solid fats like butter or shortening, use healthier options like olive oil.
  • Instead of making jeera rice and palao’s, opt for plain boiled rice.
  • Avoid heavy salad dressings like mayonnaise or ready-made dressings, and choose vinegar or lemon juice instead.
  • Instead of making thick soups like cream of chicken, make clear soups with lots of protein and vegetables.
  • Instead of stuffed paratha’s, make stuffed roti’s. They’ll taste the same minus the extra oil!
  • Be smart about the carb content – replace regular bread with whole grain bread and so on.
  • Make sure there are raw vegetables and salad on the table, as boiling and steaming can reduce the nutrient content.
  • When cooking with curries and gravies, use skimmed milk or low-fat curd instead of the usual heavy cream.
  • For any recipe, use 25-35% less fat than required.
  • When something needs to be fried, use just a few drops of oil to fry it instead of deep frying.
  • While using artificial sweeteners, use sparingly.

In fact, such meal preparations are not only good for people suffering from diabetes but also for the whole family! It is healthy eating and moderate exercise daily which will help any diabetic keep their blood sugar levels under control. With this being said, it is very important to get regular check up’s even if you feel like a certain diet or lifestyle is working for you! After all, prevention is better than cure.

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