Food Swaps to Cut Down Calories

7 Easy Food Swaps to Cut Down Calories

When it is about weight loss, going slow gets you better results. Rather than giving up your kitchen and eating habits, try to concentrate on bringing in some simple food swaps that not only save you from consuming more calories but also help you slim down. Instead of Granola Prefer Oatmeal A half-cup Oatmeal contains …

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Sonam Kapoor's Weight Loss Journey

Revealing Sonam Kapoor’s Weight Loss Secrets

Pic Credits: No matter where Sonam Kapoor makes her presence, she never fails to amaze everyone with her great fashion statement. But, what straight away took everybody back when she made her entry to Bollywood was her remarkable weight loss. She looks stunning today, but she never looked the same when she made her way …

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How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying

How to Lose Weight Without Even Trying?

Careful meal planning, monitoring your calorie intake, spending a complete weekend preparing wholesome meals for the following week and spending even more time to exercise. These weight-loss strategies do work, but these can be very time-consuming at the same time. Here we bring you no-effort tweaks that you can apply to your current routine instantly …

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Is hunger preventing you to lose weight?

Is hunger preventing you from losing weight?

Weight loss is certainly a hot topic these days. Just type ‘weight loss’ on Google and you will get thousands of links – how to exercise, how to count calories, how to plan your meal, what diet to follow, the best diets for weight loss and so much more! These links and articles might be …

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Brown rice pulao for diabetics

Brown Rice Pulao Helps Keep Diabetes in Check

Since you have diabetes it doesn’t mean that you have to cut rice out of your diet. As a substitute of starchy white rice, go for whole grain rice such as brown rice. It is loaded with vitamin B and antioxidants. If paired with vegetables and spices, the Brown Rice Pulao can work as a …

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Crash diet disasters

Crash diets – disasters in the making?

Crash diets are basically diets which are way too low in calories. People desperate to lose weight follow these diets without actually realizing that these are crash diets. They reluctantly follow them and achieve great results in the form of weight loss. But, do you know how these instant weight loss results actually take a …

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Disadvantages of High Protein & Low Carb Diet

Here’s why the low carb high protein diet doesn’t work!

It is rightly said, an excess of anything is bad. The same holds true in the case of the high protein low carb diet! Yes, protein is a very important nutrient as it is the building block for bones, muscles, tissues, skin, and blood. But protein consumed in excess has its cons!  Basically, these high …

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