Pasta recipe for diabetics

Lip-Smacking Pasta Recipes for the Diabetics

It is vital for the diabetics to keep their blood sugar levels in control, but for this, you obviously do not have to absolutely cut out noodles. With pasta salads, soups, and traditional spaghetti, the healthy pasta recipes will please your cravings for the food without causing you any troubles. Yes, you got us right! …

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Haldi Doodh - The Golden Milk

Haldi Doodh: The Golden Milk

Turmeric latte was one of the most trending pictures on social media in 2016. Every Starbucks on every corner was serving turmeric latte, or better known as haldi doodh! Every time you’ve got a fever, a bad stomach or just general weakness, your mother will bring you a warm glass of haldi doodh. When your …

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Cooking Diabetic Meals like a Pro

Cooking Diabetic Friendly Meals like a Pro

Diabetes, like any other lifestyle disease, requires care when it comes to food. To be able to cook for a diabetic, you need to understand the disease. The crux if it is simple – diabetic friendly food is food which can control blood sugar levels as well as food which doesn’t cause a sudden spike …

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